Mission and Vision Statement

Our Vision


Our Vision is to bring a change in attitude and nurture positive receptiveness towards persons with special needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create awareness about people with learning disabilities, through information sharing with Families units religious bodies(of diverse faiths)community development associations, corporate bodies, religious bodies and other means of publicising the importance of caring ,supporting and managing people with special needs

Our Objectives:

  • To facilitate effective exchange of knowledge and experience on the approaches towards helping special needs children achieve better life opportunities.
  • To sensitize persons (from age sixteen to twenty-five) on basic life skills in order to position them for highly beneficial employment opportunities.
  • Lobbing and advocating to bring. positive change in Care settings by compliance with legislation and adoption of “BEST PRACTICES “
    In the support of service users.
    Creation of enabling environment to ensure compliance to new legislations and new reforms.
  • To create respite opportunities’ for special needs persons through improvement of old building and building of new infrastructural facilities in each locality as a resource centre for recreation activities to improve their total wellbeing.
  • To create and maintain a data base of the people with special needs in order to make it easier for Policy maker, professionals and other peoples to be able to identify, assist and monitor the progress Of the disabled Individual.